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Obtain the GOLD standard in aquatic fitness education for your aquatic equipment use with aquatic certifications provided by the EAA (European Aquatic Association). EAA certifications test industry-standard levels of aquatic exercise theory, competence, participant safety for all ages and ability levels,  successful program design, and leadership. 


EAA - European Aquatic Association
IAA - International Aquatic Academy

AquaFitness First Certification provides instructors with the foundation necessary needed to provide a variety of safe and impactful aquatic fitness classes. 

- Convey fundamental skills as a water fitness teacher in an innovative and professional way.
- To acquire the technical-cultural background necessary for the realization of group aquatic classes to meet and exceed the needs of class participants while adapting to emerging market trends.

- Identify a teaching model to discover each instructor's own individual style, facilitate adaptation, and integration with new emerging methodologies and also enhance the alternatives available.

- Program analysis of physical exercise in water and characteristics of the water environment. 

= Structure and characteristics of the lesson in the water. 

- Demonstrate and learn adaptations to a variety of foundational water exercises. 

- Essentials to music cueing



EAA - European Aquatic Association
IAA - International Aquatic Academy

Learn the ins and outs of indoor cycling designing the perfect ride each and every time. This aquatic course is essential for any hotel or facility desiring to ensure participant safety while also adapting to each participant's needs and abilities. 

- Participants will learn how to properly set up a Pool BIke. 
- Understand and demonstrate basic movements and techniques of aquatic cycling, and the different types of aquatic rides. 
-Practice techniques including aquatic interval training, jumps, hills, sprints for a complete aquatic cycle class.
- Participants will learn about the proper biomechanics of aquatic cycling, how to measure effort, and how to design multiple rides.


EAA - European Aquatic Association
IAA- International Aquatic Academy

This AQUAFIT Box teacher training contains practical and theoretical components and is designed for instructors who have completed their AQUAFIRST Certification. In this AQUAFIT Box teacher training you will take your students through several rounds that include punching, kicking and cardio leading your students to their fitness goals. Not only is it a great whole-body underwater workout for cardio fitness, but it's also superb for burning fat, releasing stress and improving your students coordination. 



EAA - European Aquatic Association
IAA - International Aquatic Association

This AQUAFIT POOL JUMP course is open to all interested fitness instructors and enthusiasts. Previous certification as an AQUAFITNESS First Instructor is highly recommended. We provide you with the complete training system to be successful leading all types of underwater trampoline workouts.

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